Friday, September 27, 2013

Obama speaks with President Rouhani

The Two of Spades.

I couldn't let this opportunity pass. As you will be hearing in the coming days and weeks, President Obama just announced he spoke with the recently elected Iranian President Rouhani.

This is the first time since 1979 a sitting leader of either country has had any form of communication. How does this relate to the cards you say. Let me explain...

Obama is a 9 of diamonds born on August 4th 1961. I've written about his card before on this blog, and on Wednesday Obama entered his Venus 52 day period of the year and the card he has for this fifty two period is... the Two of Spades.

The card of Friendship & Partnership in work
Spades represent work and health and the things we do day to day, and the Twos, as I outlined in an earlier posting are about partnerships and unions of two people coming together. I don't know if Obama knows anything about the Destiny Cards, but this is just another example of how the cards can show what's happening in someone life.

High profile people like the president and celebrities tend to play out their cards before our eyes. Watch and see how many other partnerships and agreements Obama will negotiate or achieve during the next 52 days. My prediction, congress will fold to Obama with upcoming budget talks and fiscal cliff talks with little resistance. He will create partnerships (2 of Spades) in his home (Venus) these next 52 days.

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I'm worrying about money.

The Three of Diamonds.

This card man... I tell ya. Hi bloggers and twitterers. Sorry I haven't posted as often as either of us would have hoped. But today I just had to talk about this card, which I'm experiencing right now...and I tell ya!!

 Diamonds represent money, finances and the thing we value and like. The Threes represent creativity and expression, but it can also evoke worry, anxiety and indecision. And I can tell you I'm very anxious and indecisive about my financial situation at the moment. In my experience it seem like the cards know exactly when you will experience certain things.

I knew this was coming.
I saw the 3 of diamonds coming weeks ago and I made sure to plan for it. Got my ducks in order as they say.  Now I'm not facing certain doom, but the emotion and energy surrounding me right now is anxiety filled. I can't seem to decide where I should spend and where I should hold off. The funny thing is in a weeks time .. EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE!!! This will no longer be an issue because I will have a different card.

But that's the 3 of diamonds for you. Once you have this card present you will worry about finances regardless of your financial situation. So if  any of you happened to be overly anxious about money right now, you might be dealing with a three.

On the flip side and  3 = creativity,  and it's a great opportunity to be financially creative and come up with creative ways to draw more money into your life. Only if you go to the side of fear will you let this card drive you bonkers. But if you go to the side of love..well magic can happen.

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Monday, August 12, 2013

The Twos

The Cards of Partnership

Whenever a two comes up in your reading, there's a good chance of you doing something in partnership with another person. The partnership can either be good, bad, or may not happen at all depending on where it falls in your reading.

Two people make the best friends, and are usually very good looking. However,  in-spite of that they tend to find themselves with people
who really don't deserve them, and being the card of partnerships, breaking up is always hard to do.

The Card of Logic 

Two people are the smartest cards in the deck because they are very logical and have quite analytical minds. But it also makes them very argumentative. Any of you twos out there who are deciding on a career path, consider law. You'll be very good.

Two of Hearts
This is the card of union in love. It's called the sweetheart card because these people are, for a lack of a better description 'sweethearts'. They are really kind and fun to be around. If you have a two of hearts in your reading and you're single, you can expect to start a new relationship very soon. If the two of hearts happens to be your long range card, expect to take a lover that year.

Two of Clubs
The two of clubs is the card of communication. These people tend to be easy to talk two and are very effective communicators and public speakers. If this card shows up in your reading expect to have a lot of conversations with people during that period. But you can also find yourself in a lot of arguments and have a fear of being alone.

Two of Diamonds
This is my card. The Wheeler dealer card. Two of diamonds people create partnerships that make money. Money isn't their central focus but they do best if they form partnerships that are benificial for both parties. Therefore when the two of diamonds appears in your reading, it's a good time to see if you can find people you could go into business with to make money.

Two of Spades
This is the card of friendships and working partnerships. Two of spades people make the best of friends and are good people to do things with, be it work or any activity where the two of you are doing things together. But they need to pay close attention to their health. Over doing it will come back to haunt them. When you have a this card in your reading, look out for working partnerships. If you don't have any or need new ones this is a good time to form some.

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Monday, August 5, 2013

I'm back !!!

Jack of Spades Pt. 2 (Ruminations of a year gone by)

Hello card followers. I've been away for almost a year, but now I'm back! For how long? Who knows. My long range card has been the Jack of Spades for the past year, and I can say that it has definitely showed up in a big way.

The Jack of Spades is the card of the actor, the spiritual initiate and the card of the thief. It's also a very creative card. I've been able to make some significant progress on my creative work, and seen success that has given me enough encouragement to move forward.

Don't be dishonest 

The 'thief' aspect turned up too. I got into a car accident where no one was hurt. The police and EMS showed up and gave the other party a clean bill of health. He himself said he was fine, yet a few months later I find out he claimed to have all sorts injuries and was asking my insurance for thousands of dollars ???? Anyway my insurance company is taking care of it.

A new path

But I also experienced the freedom that comes with having a Jack. Having a Jack of Spades as your long range card means that you can expect an expression of a higher lifestyle and a complete change in what you'll be doing by your next birthday. Which for me looks like is going to be true. I'll let you know.

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Obama might lose the Election


Obama vs. Romney

part 1



Why Obama might lose

So there's an election coming up. A very serious election that will take the US in two completely different directions. So everyday until the election I'm going to post what I see in the cards regarding this, the most important election of our lifetime.

Obama is the 9 of diamonds - The Giver. I wrote about the characteristic of this birth card in an earlier post. Just to recap, the 9 of Diamonds are here to give to others usually those less fortunate and they are very intelligent espeically when it comes to legal matters

Romney is the Jack of diamonds - The Salesman. These people are very creative especially when it comes to finances, but are also very good salesmen and can say or do anything to achieve their goals.

Now I've been looking at Obama's spread since he became president and at Mitt Romney's since the GOP debates. Now that he's the nominee I've had time to focus on what his cards mean based on what's been happening... here's what I see.

Obama's long range card - or headline for the year - is the Queen of Spades which means self mastery. It's the second most powerful card in the deck. But only if Obama masters himself will he find success this year. Nothing on the outside can help him. He has to go within in order to reap results without. It's also the card of organization, but on the flip side, those with this card can be bored, and just go through the motions with a great dose of meh! (the debate anyone)

Romney's long range card is the Ten of Hearts - this is the card of Success with large groups of people... :|  Do I even need to continue here. Romney is very popular!!! A lot of people really really like him. And he can take this popularity all the way to the white house. Ten of hearts is the best card to have if you want success with people. There's no real bad side to having this card other than too much popularity (really)

Obama could lose. Tomorrow is the second  debate.. stay tuned

Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Jack of Spades

The Actor, The Thief, The Spiritual Initiate

Hola blog readers. I realize I've been MIA for some weeks now, and it because I've been going through some life changes, most of which has to do with the card for today. The Jack of Spades.

For those of you who also follow me on twitter you may have also noticed that this card is my profile pic. The Jack of Spades is the actor, or the card of spiritual initiation, and it also happen to be my Long Range card for the year.

What is the Long Range card?  

It can be best explained as being the headline on the front page of a newspaper... like 'Romney Wins' or 'Teacher Strike Is Over'. Your Long Range card is the headline for your year. It will tell you what energies you'll be dealing with mostly this year which you can use to your advantage if you are aware of it's benefits.

So this year I have the Jack of Spades. It bestows a creative energy that will help you make considerable progress in any of the creative or artistic fields, It is also the card of the spritual initiate. This means it's presence in your reading can indicate a time where you move to a higher state of being. since it's a spade it will relate more to work health and lifestyle and can be a time of moving from one way of life to a better more postive and enriching lifestyle.
I'm in the process of going through something like that.

Don't Get Ripped Off...

On the flip side however this is also the card of the thief and you are likely to run into people who may try to rip you off or are very dishonest. Or you may take on these qualities yourself. Believe it or not,  I've already been ripped off once so far this year... yeah I know. I'm supposed to know this system, but I didn't see it coming...

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Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Hand You're Dealt

One of the reasons I started this blog is to talk about my own experiences with the cards and to show how you can use the cards make decisions as you make your way to your goals. The system is really accurate, to this day is still surprises me.

I've also mentioned a lot about readings. Every year we are given a spread of cards. It's like the hand we're dealt for the game of life were going to play this year, and they can tell us what we can expect our experiences will be.

Remember the year begins on your birthday.


The Four of Hearts

This was one of the cards dealt to me this past year. When a Four of Hearts shows up it means there will be stabilty in the home and with family. It is the home of the heart. So when I did my own reading and I saw the four of hearts coming up I knew I would be spending time with family, and at the time when I looked ahead I saw how it was possible. It just so happened that my brother and my mom had planned to visit within that  period, (co-incidence... I don't think so), but I was like okay... cool..this should be fun.

What surprised me was that for every single day I had the four of hearts. I had either my brother or my mom hanging out with me from the until the very last day of the 52 two day period.

Preparing for what was coming...

You see I knew they were going to visit, so I made sure the house was clean, there was always food and snacks in the fridge, bottled water, they were comfortable in their rooms etc. It was like a freaking bed and breakfast.... and that is what the Four of  Hearts is about. Family, home, stability. And that is what I focused on.

It seemed like even if I knew nothing about the Destiny Card System, I would have tried to make sure my family was comfortable while they stayed with me. But the fact that I knew I was able to plan accordingly for whatever might happen.

I say all that to say - they had a great visit this summer. :D

Next week I'll show you what a sample reading looks like.

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